Aadhar Card : How to Apply For Aadhaar Card Online

Aadhar Card : How to Apply For Aadhaar Card Online

Learn How To Build Aadhaar Card:

  • Aadhar Card Enrollment Is Free And Voluntary For The Residents Of India.
  • You Can Apply For Aadhar Card Anywhere In India, Anywhere.

How To Give Online Base Card Application?


  •  Please Note That This Is Not An Online Appointment Facility In All The Aadhar Card Centers!
  •  Click Here To Find Out If There Is An Online Appointment Service Available At Any Of Your Nearest Base Card Centers: Aadhar Card Online Appointment!
  • Create Necessary Documents After Taking An Online Appointment.

How To Make Aadhar Card In Aadhaar Card Center?

  •  If Your Area Is Not Available On The Online Appointment Website, You Will Have To Physically Go To A Nearby Base Card Center To Create Aadhar Card. You Can Also Go To Any Of Your Nearest Base Card Centers Without Having An Online Appointment To Create Aadhar Card.
  •  Click Here For Your Nearest Base Card Center Information: Nearest Base Card Center!

What Documents Will Be Needed To Create Aadhaar Card?

  •  Generating 1 “Identity Proof” And 1 “Proof Of Address” Is Required To Build Aadhaar Card! For Information On The Essential Documents Required For Aadhar Card, Click Here: Aadhar Card Documents!
  • In The Family, If A Person Does Not Have The Requisite Documents, But If His Name Is Included In Family Entitlement Documents, Then He Can Apply For E Aadhar. In Such A Situation, The Head Of The Family Must First Apply For The Aadhaar Card With Its “Identity Proof” And “Proof Of Address” Documents. After This, The Head Of The House Can Introduce The Second Member Of The Family To The Application Of Aadhaar Card !
  • If No One Has Any Necessary Documents In The Family, Then You Can Get Help From The Intruders Available At Aadhar Card Center. For More Information Contact The Office Of The Respective Aadhar Card.
  •  Visit The Aadhar Card Center At The Appointment Date And Time!

Where To Take The Aadhar Card Form?

  •  You Can Get The Aadhar Card Form In The Base Card Center Only, Or You Can Download The Online Aadhaar Card Form.
  • To Save Time In The Aadhaar Card Center, You Can Download The Aadhaar Card Form By Filling It Beforehand! Please Note, Every Member Of The Family Will Have To Fill Their Separate Card Form!
  •  Click Here For More Information On How To Download And Fill The Form Online Form Card Form And Form: Download Aadhar Card Form!
  • Under The Process Of Forming Aadhaar Card On Aadhar Card Center, Your Photos, Finger Prints And Irish Scans Will Be Taken!
  • Check Your Given Details And Make The Necessary Corrections You Can Make At The Base Card Center Only During Forming Aadhaar Card!
  • During The Application, You Will Be Given A Slip / Receipt Of Aadhaar Card Containing Application Number And Your Other Information You Also Check e aadhar card status !
  • Please Keep In Mind This Slip / Receipt! Once The Aadhaar Card Is Ready, You Will Be Able To Download Duplicate Base Card Online From This Slip / Receipt Application Number!
  • Please Apply For Aadhaar Card Only Once! After Reapplying, You Will Not Get A Separate Aadhaar Card Number!

Details Of Your Given Information Will Be Checked From The Central Office! On Successful Investigation, First Of All, Your Aadhaar Card Number Will Be Sent To Your Registered Mobile Phone And Your Registered Email Id And Immediately After Print Your Aadhaar Card And Send It To The Address Given To You By Mail!

  • You Can Print Duplicate Copy Of The Aadhaar Card You Want If You Get Sms And Email Information Of Aadhaar Card Number From: E-Base!
  • Normally The Aadhar Card Is Ready In 30 To 60 Days! However, Due To The Strict Scrutiny Process And The Rest Of The Previous Applications, It May Take A Long Time.
  • The Faults Found During The Investigation Process Are Corrected As Far As Possible, Otherwise The Application Is Rejected And The Applicant Is Instructed To Re-Apply The Post.
  • Indian Post Has Been Entrusted With The Responsibility Of Distributing Aadhar Card Printing And Aadhaar Card. It Can Take 3 To 5 Weeks For Sending Aadhar Card Printing And Postage!

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