Bhamashah Card Yojana : Benefits Of Bhamashah Card Yojana

Bhamashah Card Yojana : Benefits Of Bhamashah Card Yojana

Women Head Of Family

The Rajasthan Government Has Started The Bhamashah Yojana From August 15, 2014 To Provide The Benefits Of Women Empowerment And Government Schemes In A Transparent And Transparent Manner. In The Scheme, Making The Woman Head Of The Family, The Bank Accounts Of The Family Have Been Opened In Their Name. The Government Is Giving All Government Cash Benefits To The Family Directly In This Account. Rajasthan Is The First State In The Country Where It Has Happened.

Direct Account

At Bamashah, The Full Information Of The Family And All Its Members Is Added To Bamashah At The Time Of Enrollment. All The Government Schemes That Any Member Of The Family Is Entitled To, Their Information (Such As Pension Numbers, NREGA Job Card Numbers Etc.) Is Also Attached To Bhamashah. Beneficiaries’ Bank Account Is Also Linked To Bhamashah, Which Benefits The Government Schemes (Pension, NREGA, Scholarship, Janani Suraksha Etc.) On Their Due Date On Their Bank Accounts.

House-To-House Arrangement

Rewards Cards Are Also Provided To The Beneficiaries For Removing These Money. Beneficiary Nearest BC Of This Rupee Card They Can Easily Withdraw These Funds Using The Center. Due To The Limited Number Of Banks And Atms, 25,000 B.C. Have Been Installed. For The Convenience Of The Residents Of The Villages, 15,000 New And New B. C. Are Being Appointed.

Provision Of Transaction Information To The Beneficiary

Every Transaction Related To Payment Of Money In The Beneficiary’s Account And Withdrawing Money, He Gets The SMS On His Mobile. In Addition, Social Audit Of Benefits Distributed By Bhamashah Are Done Twice A Year. Beneficiary Can Also Get Details Of The Benefits Taken By Themselves, Through The Right To Information And Bhamashah Mobile App.

Get Rid Of Corruption And Trouble

The Benefits Of Government Schemes Such As Pension, Scholarship, NREGA Etc. Were Not Available To The Beneficiaries Due To Non-Availability Of Beneficiaries On Time, Not Getting Cash Benefit Beneficiaries, Taking Advantage Of Signing By Another Person Etc., Had To Face The Difficulties.


The Entire Cash Benefit Of Government Schemes Is Being Delayed Without Any Delay And The Bank Accounts Of Direct Beneficiaries Are Being Carried Out In The Bamashah Scheme. Along With This, Non-Cash Benefits Such As Ration Distribution Are Now Being Given Directly To Eligible Individuals By Biometric Identification.

In Addition To The Current Plans Of The Government, Future Plans Will Also Be Linked To Bhamashah Yojana. So That The Common Man Can Get The Benefits Of Those Schemes Directly And Without Any Delay.

Apart From This, A One Time Lump Sum Of Rs 2000 Is Deposited In The Bank Account Of The Women Head Of The Selected Families In All BPL, State BPL, Antyodaya And Annapurna.

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