Indian Festival Holi : Why We Celebrate Holi and How to Celebrate Safe Holi ?

Indian Festival Holi : Why We Celebrate Holi and How to Celebrate Safe Holi ?

Celebrated Holi Phalgun As A Festival Of Colors, Is Celebrated On The Full Moon Day In The Month. The Color And Water Are Thrown Between Each Other Between The Sharp Music And The Drum. Like Other Festivals Of India, Holi Is Also A Symbol Of The Victory Of Good Over Evil. According To Ancient Mythology, The Story Of Hiranyakashipu Is Associated With Holi.

History Of Holi

Hiranyakashyap Was A King Of Ancient India, Which Was Like A Monster. He Wanted To Take Revenge For The Death Of His Younger Brother Whom Lord Vishnu Had Killed. So He Prayed For Years To Get Strength. After All He Got A Boon. But From This, Hiranyakashyap Began To Understand Himself As God And Asked People To Worship Him Like God.

This Wicked King Had A Son Named Prahlad And He Was The Supreme Devotee Of Lord Vishnu. Prahlad Never Considered His Father’s Word And He Kept Worshiping Lord Vishnu. Angered By The Son Not To Worship Him, The King Decided To Kill His Son. He Told His Sister Holika That She Could Take Prahlad In The Lap And Sit In The Fire Because The Holika Could Not Burn In The Fire.

His Plan Was To Burn Prahalad, But His Plan Could Not Be Successful Because Prahlad Always Used To Take The Name Of Lord Vishnu And Survived, But The Holika Was Burnt To Ashes. These Necklaces Of Holika Symbolize The Destruction Of Evil. After This Lord Vishnu Slaughtered Hiranyakashipu, But The Story Of The Death Of Holika Is Related To Holi. Because Of This, Holi Is Burnt In Some States Of India As A Symbol Of The End Of Evil One Day Before Holi.

But How Did Colors Become Part Of Holi?

This Story Goes Up To The Time Of Lord Krishna’s Incarnation Lord Vishnu. It Is Believed That Lord Krishna Used To Celebrate Holi With Colors, So This Method Of Holi Became Popular. They Used To Celebrate Holi With Their Colleagues In Vrindavan And Gokul. They Used To Play Jokingly In The Whole Village. Even Today, The Celebrated Holi Like Vrindavan Is Not Celebrated Anywhere.

Holi Is The Festival Of Spring And Winters Are Over When It Arrives. In Some Parts, This Festival Is Also Related To The Cultivation Of Spring Crops. Farmers Celebrate Holi In The Joy Of Growing A Good Crop. Holi Is Also Called ‘Vasant Mahotsav’ Or ‘Kam Mahotsav’.

Holi Is An Ancient Festival

Holi Is One Of The Ancient Hindu Festivals And It Is Being Celebrated Many Centuries Before The Birth Of Jesus Christ. The Description Of Holi Is Also Found In Jaminini’s Pre-Eminence Formula And Kathak Planetary Formula.

Holi Sculptures Have Also Been Made On The Walls Of Temples Of Ancient India. A Similar 16th Century Temple Is In The Capital Of Vijayanagar, Hampi. There Are Several Scenes Of Holi In This Temple, In Which The Princess, Princess Is Putting Colors On Each Other, Including Her Slaves.

Many Medieval Paintings, Such As The 16th Century Ahmednagar Paintings, Mewar Painting, Miniature Pictures Of Bundi, Can Be Seen Celebrating Holi In Different Ways.

Holi Colors

Earlier The Colors Of Holi Were Made From Flowers Of Tesu Or Palash And They Were Called Gulas. Those Colors Were Very Good For The Skin Because There Was No Chemical In Them. But The Definition Of Colors Changed Over Time. In Today’s Times People Use Harsh Chemicals In The Name Of Color. Many People Have Stopped Playing Holi Because Of These Bad Colors. We Must Celebrate This Old Festival Only In Its True Form.

Holi Celebrations

Holi Is Not A One-Day Festival. In Many States It Is Celebrated For Three Days.

  • Day 1 – On The Full Moon Day, The Colors Are Decorated In A Plate, And The Largest Member Of The Family Spraying Colors On The Other Members.
  • Day 2 – This Is Also Called Poono. On This Day, Holika’s Images Are Burnt And Holi Is Burnt In The Memory Of Holika And Prahalad. For The Blessings Of The Fire God, The Mother Spins Five Rounds Of Burning Holi With Her Children.
  • Day 3 – This Day Is Called ‘Gaya’ And This Is The Last Day Of Holi Festival. Color And Water Are Poured On Each Other On This Day. The Idols Of Lord Krishna And Radha Are Also Worshiped By Putting Colors On Them.

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