NASA discovered a ‘second world’

NASA discovered a ‘second world’

Second World

It is said that this solar system is about 2,545 light years away from the Earth. With the help of Artificial Intelligence for the first time Google has discovered another solar system with eight planets similar to the Solar System. Scientists named the new solar system named Kepler-90.
It’s like a small version of our solar system. At the same time Kepler-90 is the rocky planet in this solar system, which completes the orbiting of its star in every 14.4 days. NASA researchers have done this search through machine learning with the help of Google.

Machine learning is part of Artificial Intelligence, which analyzes the data of Kepler telescope. The planetary system of Kepler-90 is similar to that of the Solar System. In this, small planets are close to their stars and big planets are away from it. For More Research News – ResearchMethodology

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