Non Verbal Communication

Non Verbal Communication

Non Verbal Communication

  • The word “Non Verbal communication” means communication which does not involve speech or words.
  • It is a wordless message received through the medium of gestures, signs, body movements, facial expressions, tone of voice, colour, time, space, style of writing and choice of words.
  •  There is always something said and implied with every message.


  • 1.Instinctive
  • 2.Less Conscious
  • 3.Subtle
  • 4.Complimentary to Verbal Communication
  • 5.Forms the larger part of the overall Communication activity.

Classification of Non Verbal communication

1.Kinesics: Body language

2.Proxemics:Space language

3.Time language


5.Sign Language


Non-verbal communication is more important than verbal communication.

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