Types of Ram Chips Used in Personal computers

Types of Ram Chips Used in Personal computers

Types of Ram Chips Used in PCs

–must be constantly refreshed by the CPU or it will loose its contents.

  • SDRAM: Synchronous Dynamic RAM

–This RAM chip is the most used in today’s PCs.

–The chip is synchronized with the system clock and is much faster than a DRAM.

–Often in the computer ads, the speed of SDRAM is expressed in Megahertz.

  • SRAM: Static RAM – is faster than DRAM

–It retains its contents without having to be refreshed by the CPU

  • RDRAM: Rambus Dynamic RAM

–It is faster and more expensive than SDRAM

–It is the type of memory that is used with Intel P4 chips.

  • DDR SDRAM: Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM

– newest type of RAM chip

–It is becoming popular in notebook computers

–It is considered to be the main competitor to RDRAM

  • Flash RAM: A non-volatile form of memory

–Used to store programs not only on PCs, but also in cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, etc.

–Is also used in newer PCs for BIOS instructions. Flash memory can be updated, erased or reprogrammed electronically.

–  The Flash Ram chip does not need to be replaced as in the case of ROM

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